Trailer Wire

Trailer Wire - A Helpful Guide

When you think about a safe and efficient towing experience, your mind might first jump to hitches, brakes, or even mirrors.

However, one unsung hero in the towing world is the humble trailer wire. It’s essential for connecting your trailer’s electrical systems to your towing vehicle, ensuring that your trailer lights, brakes, and other essential functions work seamlessly.

At East Idaho Trailer Parts, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive range of trailer wires to suit every need. Let’s dive in!

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Understanding Trailer Wire Functions

Before we explore our offerings, it’s essential to understand the role of trailer wires:

Power Supply: Feeds power to the trailer's internal systems.

Tail Lights: Ensures your trailer is visible to vehicles behind.

Turn Signals: Indicates your direction intentions to other drivers.

Brake Lights: Warns drivers behind when you're slowing down or stopping.

Ground: A critical connection ensuring all electrical systems function correctly.

Featured Trailer Wires at East Idaho Trailer Parts:

1. 4-Way Flat Connectors:

Ideal for small trailers with basic lighting needs.

Powers tail lights, turn signals, and brake lights.

2. 5-Way Flat Connectors:

Adds an extra wire for trailers with surge brakes.

Ensures the disconnection of the hydraulic brake system when reversing.

3. 6 & 7-Way Connectors:

Perfect for larger trailers with more complex systems.

Powers everything from lighting to electric brakes and auxiliary power.

4. Heavy-Duty 7-Way Connectors for Commercial Trailers:

Built to withstand the rigors of commercial use.

Ensures consistent power supply even under heavy loads.

5. T-Connectors:

Simplifies the installation process.

Custom-made to fit specific vehicle makes and models, ensuring a seamless connection.

6. Wiring Adapters:

Essential for connecting mismatched connectors between the towing vehicle and trailer.

Available in various configurations.

Why Choose Our Trailer Wires?

High-Quality Material: Corrosion-resistant with robust insulation to withstand the elements.

Versatility: Whether you have a small utility trailer or a large RV, we have the right wire for you.

Safety: Our wires ensure that all your trailer's electrical functions work correctly, keeping you and other road users safe.

Installation and Support

Not sure about the installation? Our team at East Idaho Trailer Parts is always ready to assist. Whether you need guidance on selecting the right wire or require help with installation, we’re just a call away!

Proper wiring is the backbone of a safe and efficient towing experience. Ensure your trailer is road-ready with our top-of-the-line trailer wires. Visit East Idaho Trailer Parts today, and let’s get you connected!